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Alas, 'tis the same for me. I use T-bird, but regardless of what reader
use the news server is provided to me through my ISP, and a log on is
required to access it. They don't want to give the news server for free,
it is only for subscribers.

Interesting. In the UK, if you are accessing the internet through a
particular ISP, which always involves log-in credentials, the ISP assumes
you ARE a subscriber, and thus does not require a separate log-in for the
news server....way to go USA!

Umm... Gordon, old boy: In the USA, most always-on broadband
connections don't require a log-in.

I think you'll find, even in the Colonies, that the Router set-up will
contain a User name and Password - how otherwise would the ISP control who
uses it's services?


We use MODEMS, not routers.

In the case of cable broadband, the node is activated for access or it
isn't. As for DSL... same thing, but it's the phone connection at the
switching station's end.

NO log-in credentials required.

Routers are used only when one wants to share a connection with
multiple computers. Still, no log-in is required by the computer
connected to the modem.