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Thank you so much!
That did it. I followed your instruction and it fixed the problem. It looked like my Windows Defender didn't have the most updated version. But the auto update function is set to be on, it should check for the updates everyday. Does that mean, from now on, I need to check and update the Windows Defender manually once for a while?

Wayne S

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Go to the above page and download the latest defs from the links under
' Latest Definition Updates ' and *save* it.
Once the download completes close all open programs and browsers.
Now install the downloaded defs by running mpas-fe.exe [32-bit, x86 versions of Vista].
Did that get the defs installed ?

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WaynwS wrote:

I have Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 installed. A couple of days ago, the Windows security Alerts is on and Windows Security Center showed Windows Defender is out of date. but after manual update, I received a message: "There are no new definitions available to download for Windows." In Windows Defender, it states Real-time protection is on and Definition version is created on 9/4/2008.
I have tried someone's solution that posted in here by running verify repository, but after I run winmgmt / verifyrepository, system responded "WMI repository is consistent". So should I still run winmgmt /salvagerepository at this point? Is there other way can fix this problem? I had tried to search on the Microsoft website for answer with no success. Could anybody help?

Wayne S