Re: Subject: Vista User Account Conrol - Unblock Adobe Flashplayer

Download and run the Adobe Flash Player uninstaller:

or direct download:

Adobe Flash Player Uninstaller:

Close all IE windows and run the Flash Player Uninstaller.

Then visit:

and click on "Install Now".

Troubleshoot Adobe Flash Player installation for Windows

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"Brew" <Brew@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:D7BC0392-3144-4DA5-ADA6-E023FA92AF79@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
By mistake, I told Vista's UAC to block Adobe Flashplayer 10. Now, UAC won't
let me reinstall it.

I keep getting a message from UAC, "This program has been blocked. Your
administrator set policy to block this program - flashplayer10_install_
activeX...., Untrusted Publisher"

Anyone know how I can get Vista to allow the installation of this program?
Any help will be appreciated.