Re: Problems with the "Require trusted path for credential entry" setting

"rrm" <runemadsen16@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message

After reading, i want
to try the recommandation to use "Require trusted path for credential
entry" when evaluate to administrator. After activating this settings, i
selected windows update and chose "run as administrator",

Did you reboot? I'm not sure it is needed, but
sometimes a reboot is needed for some settings
to actually take.

then a dialog came

Could you be more vague? :o)

and I pressed ctrl+alt+del to access the "secure desktop". The screen
change to the startup screen, with the text "please wait". Then no more
happened. I left it on for a 5 - 10 min, but nothing happens. Then the
only options was to power off the computer, return to safe mode and
deactivate the settings.


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