Re: was locked oout of my laptop

I have already given you a reply on what to do.
If you can't handle that one, use this one.

Another ISO file to make a Bootable Live CD
Mick Murphy - Qld (Sunshine State) - Australia

"fusty91574" wrote:

GreenieLeBrun wrote:
I just received my laptop from home and someone found it funny to
change my password now i cannot access anything. I turn the power on
and it immeditely prompts me for a password in order to access the
desktop. how can i reset the password that has been changed so i can
use my laptop.

Does this password request appear before Vista starts? If this is the case
you need to find out from the manufacturer how to change the BIOS password -
the methods vary from make to make.

im allowed to enter the password to boot up the computer, it was never changed but then when it goes to the user account, it is there that it requests the other password to access the desktop or any other feature of my laptop.