Re: was locked oout of my laptop

DDW: <<(if we're not dealing with helping someone with a
stolen computer here)..>> ... yeah, that thought occurred to me also ...

It took me awhile but I found the reference that I remembered reading about how to recover from this but I had second thoughts about posting it ... but, assuming he is legit .... vanilla

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fusty91574 wrote:
I just received my laptop from home and someone found it funny to
change my password now i cannot access anything. I turn the power on
and it immeditely prompts me for a password in order to access the
desktop. how can i reset the password that has been changed so i can
use my laptop.

Does this password request appear before Vista starts? If this is the case
you need to find out from the manufacturer how to change the BIOS password -
the methods vary from make to make.

It sounds more like the password to access the OP's Windows account
has been changed (if we're not dealing with helping someone with a
stolen computer here)..

If the BIOS password has been set, then this might help:

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