Re: Zonealarm

On Sun, 24 Aug 2008 13:24:18 -0600, Bruce Chambers
<bchambers@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Flight wrote:
Read this, you blundering idiot! You seem to think that you know
everything better and no one must have the arrogance to say anything
against you. But now it shows that you know nothing at all, potatohead!

Who is "Gizmo," and why should anyone take anything posted on the site
as credible?

I, for one, certainly wouldn't trust anything found there. They
actually recommend snake-oil products such as memory optimizers and
registry cleaners. Whoever runs that sirte is a very dangerous and
irresponsible person.

"Flight" also looks to MythBusters for technology info.

"Gizmo"/MythBusters... hey. It don't git no bettah...