RE: Windows Defender Updating Problem

Same problem; also started with Mid-August updates. Any clues from Microsoft
would be most welcome.

Another symptom since the updates is that the PC will not reliably awaken
from "sleep".

Tried restoring to date prior to updates but both symptoms persist.

"Eric Post" wrote:

A couple of days ago I noticed a windows defender icon in my tray. It has
what appears to be an ! on it. So I clicked it.

It says to check for updates now, so I do. It comes back as no updates

So I go to Windows Update, all my updates there are applied and there are no
new ones available.

So I click the icon for Windows Security Center, it says Defender is running
but out of date, next to it, it says "update now." So I click button and it
looks and comes back saying "no new updates available"

What's going on? Why is the icon in the tray? I'm running a 32bit version of
Home Vista Premium that is not on any network. It's strictly home use.

Is there another reason the Windows Defender Icon is in the tray? I've never
seen it there before.