Re: Security discussion regarding hubs, firewalls, anti-virus and Vista Security

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On Wed, 20 Aug 2008 18:14:23 -0700, Steve Riley [MSFT] wrote:

7a.If on high-speed internet connection use a router as well.
For the average homeuser it is suggested blocking both TCP and UDP
ports 135 ~ 139 and 445 on the router

It really isn't necessary to create specific "block" rules. Nearly every
router does this automatically; they only permit traffic that's in reply
some previous outbound request.

Thanks for commenting on #7a.
Admittedly, I am not familiar with all types/makes of (small busines/home
user) routers available.
Are you saying to drop this comment completely or, since it is possible
that some users may employ routers which will not automatically block the
said ports, is paraphrasing the comment sufficient for the purpose?

I'm guessing now, but you probably meant blocking *outbound* packets
for mentioned ports. Some advocate doing this in order to also
"protect the internet from you", so to speak.

I suppose he could phrase it blocking (or not port forwarding) these
ports with these protocols. All incoming init packets are dropped
unless you specifically configure it to allow them in (Stateful Packet
Inspection) but subsequent packets won't stop here. I think the
issue was with software listening on these ports, and the easiest way
to mitigate was to block rather than to remove the offending server
daemon and/or unbind protocols that you don't need binded.

Again, it was the default configuration of earlier Windows OSes
at fault. I don't think it is an issue with Vista (at least it shouldn't


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