Re: Security discussion regarding hubs, firewalls, anti-virus and VistaSecurity

My take is as follows; Protect myself from crawling threats on the
internet by a dedicated firewall, protect myself from software threats
with antivirus/malware protection. If those two factors are properly
setup, all other securitymeasures are redundant and wastes resources.
Perhaps I suffer from a 1% higher risk of infection over a period of a
few years, but it doesn't seem so this far. I have disabled all the
securityfeatures of windows, because I don't see a need for them. I
wouldn't do this to a systemcritical computer or if I had sensitive
information on the computer though, but this is a computer for games and
internet... If it goes down, I reinstall it (hasn't happened yet...).

Linux firewalls are free and safe enough to use for business if setup
with the right knowledge.

Most new routers come with SPI (stateful packet inspection) which only
accepts incoming traffic from servers you sent outgoing traffic to, and
that's usually enough for protection at home.


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