Re: Botnet threat fiction?

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here are some links.

'US surfers 'alarmingly' ignorant over botnet danger - Security -
iTnews Australia'

'Botnet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia'

Yeah, well you're right. US suffers are unaware of the botnet dangers as the surf the Internet with Windows machines with full Admin rights, and they don't know how to implement safe hex computing practices.

I think UAC on Vista is trying to address some of the issues by not allowing the Admin user to run on the Internet with Full Admin rights, and the Admin is locked down to Standard user rights. If the Admin is on the Internet and something is happening that requires Full Admin rights, then the user is prompted to allow or disallow the action. If the user is a Standard user, then the user is prompted to give a user-id and psw to an Admin account to proceed. At least, something would be in their face forcing them take notice that something could be happening good or bad, if they recognize the situation.

It is not unlike a user running on Linux where the user is a Limited user or a user that's not an Admin with full rights, until such time the user is prompted to give the root user/admin user-id and psw before things will processed.

UAC if enabled can help stop this kind of stuff from happening if the user recognizes the conditions as to why the user is being prompted.