Re: 3days left HELP-PLEASE -- For Microsoft One Care ENGLISH v2

"Joha" <Joha@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
About OneCare Activation Impossible from CH - Microsoft onecare ENG
international shipping


In May our family got each(4) a computer, and I did straight on
install on
them the trial version of One care (best of all antiviruses for my
tase and
experience); with intend to update on begining of August (then 12 days
by buying 2 of these, in ENGLISH from Switzerland/zuerich...>>>
and SINCE am not able to get them! For the activation is only for

How can this be that Microsoft products cannot be bought in ENG-and $,
Switzerland ???
Now in MediaMarkt-shop, they try getting it in ENG, but they are not
sure if
they can!!!

Now there are 3 days left for our trial version; how can we be helped
such software-problem ...which has nothing to do with software?!

Tanks for help

Assuming you have a LiveID have you posted in
which is a well moderated forum.