Re: Windows Vista Home Premium Operating System/User Accounts

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Thank You for Responding,

I have the windows firewall and block all incoming connections enabled and
the windows defender enabled and I deleted those user accounts that are not
part of the windows vista home premium operating system and still other user
accounts continue to be created on my windows vista home premium operating

how can I prevent these user accounts from being created and installed on my
windows vista home premium operating system?

I have the guest account off and the user account control is on and the
administrator account is password protected.

It may be that the machine is compromised with malware running on it that is doing it.

You can use Process Explorer and look at what is running on the machine. You can look at each running process and see what that process is hosting, like possible malware.

You do that in PE by going to menu/tools/show lower pane/show all DLL(s).
When do to that and click on a process running in the upper pane, it will show you everything that the process is hosting in the lower pane. You can right click a line in the upper or lower pane and go to Properties.

You can use Currports (free) that runs on Vista instead of Active Ports that doesn't run on Vista, which are tools in the link being explained that I have mentioned.


Lastly, you may want to take a look, you may not like it.