Re: Run As Adminstrator - why hasn't it saved us?

To all that replied - thanks for your comments and no disrespect
intended please, but seems we missed the issues:

1) when attempting to run as a Power User, the "RunAs Administrator"
seems to be completely wrong in concept, yet has been around since ..
NT3? Can this really be? Or am I totally not understanding how its
supposed to work?

2) Why does disabling UAC also disable "RunAs.." - again: these are
totally different concepts, why are they coupled?

3) UAC is _not_ a minor inconvenience, it is a *major* hassle for
members of a development shop. Its not just a click. Its the constant
jarring effect of the screen going dim (or even black) for a second or
two, the box, the click, the blink back to reality, then a few seconds
later .. Event Viewer, IIS Admin, SQL studio, etc.

Doing this, maybe 30-40 times a day? When XP just worked?

And all this because the Vista product, and Microsoft narrow-mindness,
won't allow me to work in a more intelligent fashion - which is: as a
Power User and *not* as an Administrator?

4) and maybe that's a bottom line - why does Vista install and create
its users as Administrators? A while ago my son bought a new Acer
computer with Vista Home Exceptional (or whatever its called). First
thing I did was create an Adminstrator id, write the password on his
monitor, then downgraded his ID to Normal User. He's now been using it
for over a month and HAS NOT EVEN NOTICED he's not an Administrator,
that is, it hasn't affected him at all.

Why doesn't Vista do this by default ?

5) I've just found references to "UAC Manifest" files - does anyone
have real, honest, practical experience with this as a way of calming