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On Tue, 5 Aug 2008 23:59:54 -0400, "Brittany D"
<xihatevistax@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I hate
having programs running in the background if I never use them. I feel it
uses resources that I'd rather have available to use myself.

Note that whether the program is using any significant amount of
resources depends entirely on what program it is. Some background
programs may use a lot of resources, but others do essentially nothing
unless you press some hot key combination to activate them. Until, or
unless, you press that key combination, they use no CPU time, and any
memory they might be using quickly gets paged out in favor of other
"more-recently-used" pages.

As a single example of this, I run a little background program called
Allchars. This lets me type many common special characters (many of
these are used in other languages) by pressing the ctrl key followed
by a two character mnemonic combination.

I actually use Allchars only seldom, but it's very handy to have ready
to use whenever I need it. It uses a tiny amount of memory (most of
which is probably paged out most of the time) and uses zero CPU when
it's not actually being used. One would be hard-pressed to see *any*
difference in performance when it's loaded.

On the other hand, if you literally "never use them," I agree that
there's certainly no reason to have them running, regardless of what
resources they may or may not consume.

Ken Blake, Microsoft MVP - Windows Desktop Experience
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