Re: Strange Registry Virtualization issue

"Emmanuel Stapf [ES]" <manus@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
FromTheRafters wrote:
My understanding is that it reads both and presents a
merged view to the application with the virtualized keys
taking precedence over the ones in HKLM. If you want
to make HKLM take precedence - remove the keys from
the virtualized store and it should use the HKLM ones.

The issue is that there are no keys in the virtualized store, the keys are
only in the HKLM one. So I don't understand why he can't read the one from

In other words, make the virtual store keys in question
non-persistent and the HKLM will be used each time
because no virtualized version will be found.

I agree this is what should be happening, but it is not. Any hint on how
to debug this so that we can find the root cause of this behavior?

Sorry, no. You may want to contact Microsoft support
for this issue. This function is implemented in the kernel.
They may suggest that you rewrite the program so that
it doesn't have to use virtualization at all - which is the
best path anyway.