Re: FCS stop working (Vista 64 SP1)

What else is installed on the node? There are a number of Microsoft programs that do not work and play well together. If one is installed, even after a successful install once you actually try to run the non-compatible program - it will start, notice the problem then close.

"HAfandi" <HAfandi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:5F488CB7-066C-4E34-83DE-F9984E86F011@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

i installed fcs as standalone on my new windows vista x64 sp1. the
installation went fine, without any error.
i then update the fcs using windoiws update, and all i ok.
then suddenly, when i tried to open fcs, it open the console for few
secondes, and then close the console and the fcs.
i tried to open again but the same, it will alowayes show the console for
few secondes and then close it all (console, tray icon, and fcs app)

what is the problem? is it not supported to be installed on vista 64 sp1?
how can i solve my problem

thansk in advance
Hasan Afandi


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