Re: Antivirus 2008

"Malke" wrote:

Laurie wrote:

Is this an actual microsoft product? I keep getting this message on the
computer saying I need to downloan Antivirus 2008 and that it has found
many viruses on my PC. When I looked up the file location it comes up in
C:\users\AppData\Roamong\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu
It is causing problems on the PC and looks like it just was created a few
days ago. I can't get into e-mail because it says there is a threat and
won't let me continue. I tried to delete the file but I couln't find it
when I went into my computer. There was no App Data file that I could see.
I have Norton antivirus installed and I ran a scan on the file but got
nothing. I want to get rid of this but don't knwo how. Can anyone help?

No. This is one of the many rogue antivirus/antimalware programs. They are
called "rogue" because they pretend to be one of the Good Guys but in
reality they are Bad Guys. You've got an infection. Here are removal

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