Re: Can you take control of a key in the registry?

Im not sure if this can still work for you but you can give it a try or look for an equivalent to such

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I am aware of the results of messing around with the registry. I always keep
a recent copy on hand, just in case....

I was talking about setting the security of the CLSID at the folder level as
you call it. For other CLSIDs, one or more if the 3 logon ids have
permissions for them. I'm just looking for a way to get access to this one.
And maybe some idea of why this would happen.

"Michael Walraven" wrote:

Not sure if this answers your question, you cannot set permissions on
individual data items (right pane values).
You can set permissions on the 'folders' in the left pane.

Right click on the folder, select 'Permissions' note that you may to go up
the hierarchy if the protection is inherited.

The normal comments about mucking around in the registry go double when you
are modifying permissions!


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> I'm running Vista Enterprise SP1 and am up to date with the updates. I
> have
> office 2007 installed as well.
> I installed the Community Clips for Office to generate some help > videos. I
> can't record becuase I do not have access to a particlular CLSID. I've
> tried
> under 3 logons:
> 1. my logon id and I am a domain administrator and an administrator on > the
> PC,
> 2. superuser, the account I added during Vista setup and the account I > did
> the install of CC for O and ran it for the first time, and
> 3. the built-in administrator, which I had never used before
> Under all of the I get an error accessing a CLSID of 80040150, which is
> lack
> of permission. I cannot access the sercurity permission of this under > any
> of
> the 3 logon ids. IF this was a folder on a network drive, I would just
> take
> ownership and move on. IS there some way to do that with a key in the
> registry?
> IF not, is there something else I could do?
> -- > Bettie