Re: Help with firewall

The advice from both you and "HappyAndyK" to use a registry cleaner is

This is why I am always hesitant to participate in support forums
because every time I offer advice it is immediately labeled as wrong by
an ignorant post. I NEVER said to use a Registry Cleaner, read my advice
again and again until you can correctly interpret what I said before you
accuse me of giving bad advice. I agree that using registry cleaners is
both dangerous and unnecessary in most cases but HappyAndyK did not give
bad advice by recommending CCleaner's registry cleaner as it just may
remove the entry causing the annoyance. CCleaner offers you to backup
before removing any registry entries and on top of that it is by no
means an aggressive registry cleaner.

If that doesn't work the solution is to find the registry entry that is
causing the annoyance manually and remove it. You can use regedit or you
can use a program such as RegSeeker to find all entries related to
McAfee by using the "Search" feature.

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