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Why would it be needed when I'm running behind a hardware firewall?

It's an added layer of protection. Firewalls are very good at filtering
inbound traffic. There is very little overhead involved. What if another
computer on your network gets infected with a network worm? What if a trojan
is executed on another computer that reprograms your router via uPNP? What
if your neighbour hacks into your wireless network? If you are always behind
the router and the router has a good firewall (most home routers have very
basic firewalls) then the risk of running without the Vista firewall isn't
that great. On the other hand the cost of the extra protection isn't that
much. It's just a very minimal amount of overhead.

If the computer in question is a notebook that may be used outside of your
network then it's imperative that the Vista firewall be enabled. When you
connect to a new network and Vista asks you if it's a public, home, or work
network, Vista changes the firewall rules to be appropriate for your choice.

Thanks for the info!

You're welcome.

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