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Matousec ran a very comprehensive test of the available products for
'Matousec Firewall Challenge'

Windows firewall in it's default state scored a rather dismal 5% but
does better with some advanced configuration, still not as good as
others tho.
Comodo scored the best for Free firewalls at 95% and is the choice of
many of the security pros here in the Forums. Some in the Newsgroups
here get rather "testy" when anyone mentions (God forbid) using a 3rd
party them "Snake Oil" and the like, but Matousec's test
suite is very comprehensive and runs the toughest firewall attacks and
go-rounds available so I'll take their word over the ...ahem "other" guy
here who may come in and start bashing this post for Blasphemy.

If you think I was tuff on you, you post this nonsense to
comp-security-firewalls and let them rip you a new one. And I am going to
tell you again that Commode or any other 3rd party host based personal
firewall/packet filter are not FW(s). A FW's job is to stop unsolicited
inbound traffic by default, to stop inbound or outbound traffic by creating
packet filtering rules and two separate networks by the usage of two
interfaces with one facing the network it is protecting from and the other
interface protecting the network it is to protect. That's is their job. A
good 3rd party packet filter, I won't call them FW(s), but their job is NOT
to be malware detection/stoppage solutions with snake-oil in them.

The buck stops at the O/S for anyone that knows how to harden the O/S to
attack. The protection doesn't stop at some snake-oil solution that's trying
to protect *you* from *you*.


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