Re: Firewall etc

Matousec ran a very comprehensive test of the available products for
'Matousec Firewall Challenge'

Windows firewall in it's default state scored a rather dismal 5% but
does better with some advanced configuration, still not as good as
others tho.
Comodo scored the best for Free firewalls at 95% and is the choice of
many of the security pros here in the Forums. Some in the Newsgroups
here get rather "testy" when anyone mentions (God forbid) using a 3rd
party them "Snake Oil" and the like, but Matousec's test
suite is very comprehensive and runs the toughest firewall attacks and
go-rounds available so I'll take their word over the ...ahem "other" guy
here who may come in and start bashing this post for Blasphemy.


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