Re: Possible UAC Improvement

In order to take advantage of what UAC was intended for
without it being a "nag" it should actaully be capable of the same thing.

Apparently Microsoft said it would undermine the purpose of UAC - it would be too easy for malware to put itself onto the "don't prompt" list.

or do we need to disable it like most posts suggest?

Absolutely not. Nobody "needs" to disable it. If you're using programs that generate UAC prompts they are BADLY WRITTEN and fail to comply with the XP programming guidelines (yes, I said XP, not Vista). The only exception is software which is designed to perform system administrative tasks, in which case you really should log on as an administrator anyway (and then you just get the confirmation prompt - a single mouse-click or left-arrow, Enter).

If you are using day-to-day applications which generate UAC prompts it's probably time to update them.



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