Re: Uninstall Windows Defender (Vista Ultimate)

Is there a reason why Windows Defender doesn't seem to be keeping up with all
the other spyware/malware programs? (Main reason for wanting to uninstall it)

Seems like the new attacks as well as some old established programs are
slipping past detection on the PC's here. We are using a couple of the free
apps that have been around for a while to clean up most, and formatting those
that we don't want to waste time on.

We do have a reputable "Enterprise" virus/malware protection, but this
particular branch of this system I work out of has lax administration due to
overworked admins.
Dan Bissell
LSU Health Sciences

"t-4-2" wrote:

AlohaMahalo;743094 Wrote:
I am running Windows Vista Ultimate and Microsoft Defender is installed
default. I want to uninstall it but it doesn't even show up in the
Programs &
Features list (Uninstall or change a program). How do I go about to
that program.

thank you
Windows Defender ( not microsoft defender, by the way) is part of
Vista. It canNOT be un-installed. You can, however, turn it off.
BUT, before you turn it off, do you have a 3rd party program to replace
it ? You must have one or the other. Assuming that you do, open windows
defender, look to the top, find the ( ? ) sign, click it . Perhaps you
want to read what's on the screen first. Scroll all the way to the end,
click the last entry : Turn windows defender on or off. Just follow the
instructions on how to turn it off.



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