Re: How can I remove AVG kernel interface?

Hi again. Tried your suggestion to use WinPatrol. Never heard of it. It worked like a charm.
Many thanks. Now won't have to cuss everytime I startup. Have a nice day. bobg

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Hi Dave, Followed your instructions and "Grisoft" is listed but "Not yet classified." It shows in the box but the Disable is only a shadow copy and doesn't affect it. Thanks for your suggestion. Guess I'll live with it for awhile. It doesn't really interupt that much. Just another item to click on startup. :) bobg

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I'm not an AVG user, but what I'd try is to bring up Windows Defender >
click Tools > Software Explorer > Category: Startup Programs > look for
Grisoft applications and highlight any found > click Disable.

If you have WinPatrol installed, that could also be worth trying to
find those hidden startups.

Dave M
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