Re: Avast question

Also, my Avast scanning doesn't pick up cookies like AVG and Norton -
is this okay and normal?

On Jun 11, 10:11 am, kplumm <kpl...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I  have Avast Home Edition on my Vista laptop.  I ran a scan yesterday
but this morning the Defender bottom righthand icon had an exclamation
mark in it and I'd thought, from using 3 other AV programs before,
that Defender doesn't nag if you have other software doing scans?  Or
do I need to set it to do nothing?

Also, when I run the Avast scan, it says in its display (above Type of
Current Scan etc) Scan Archive Files: disabled - should it be like
that?  What does that mean, and if I need to change it, how do I, as I
couldn't find anything in the settings.  I'm assuming there's no
connection between my two questions.

Thanks for all response.