Re: Access Denied to Certain Folders

What are the steps you're taking, and what's the exact error message?

Steve Riley

"Tim Riley" <TimRiley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:3EC67F4F-1921-40EA-9D8F-B9784DFE884C@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Steve -

I can't even display the contents of the folder.

"Steve Riley [MSFT]" wrote:

We changed the ACL model in Vista so that even local administrators have
only read access to the operating system files. What are you trying to do
that requires more than this?

Steve Riley

"Tim Riley" <TimRiley@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> I am trying to access certain folders, such as C:\Windows, and get the
> message that access is denied. The account under which I am logged in > is
> the
> only administrator account on the machine. How do I change the so I > have
> full access to everything on the machine?
> Tim


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