Re: Vista Security Update for IE7 kills internet access

I have Avast and disabling it didn't help as much as a reboot.
I have a suspicion it's network adapter driver related.
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Typically when this is seen you have some third party antivirus and firewall software that doesn't play nice nice with updates.

Zone Alarm

Try to disable and reenable your a/v and firewall.

It's not the patches, it's the third party interaction with the patches.

Installed here, no issues.

Michael D. Ober wrote:
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Not just a problem with Dell. It has affected (not killed) my internet on my home built computer.
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Allready answered;
Learn how to cross post, not multi post

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Dell forward a bunch of updates from Microsoft yesterday. One was Security Update KB950759. After this was installed I couldn't access the internet. After I uninstalled it everything worked. Again today it was sent by Dell and installed-same thing, couldn't access internet until I uninstalled it.

Any suggestions? I don't want to have to do this everyday.


Tom Berry

There may be information in the MS KB article about your problem. I have this update installed and have no problems.