Re: Complete Antivirus 2008 Removal

RLund wrote:

A few days ago, the Antivirus 2008 pop-up appeared on my friend's new
computer. It stated that he had 41 infections. HIs access to the internet
was blocked, as well.
In order to remove them, he had to pay for the service.
After a bit of research, I discovered that it was a scam and attempted to
remove it from his computer, via standard means (control panel, programs
features, uninstall). It appeared that some files were removed, but some
were left behind. Those that remained still indicated that he had 41
infections and blocked his access to the internet, by indicating that the
websites posed a threat.
I found this community and the instructions for removing Antivirus 2008,
through I
carefully followed the instructions and ran the no avail. The

(much snippage)

First have your friend back up his data to external media Just In Case. Then
have him go back to BleepingComputer (or one of the other specialty forums
listed below in no particular order), register, read the posting FAQ, and
post to get guided help. PLEASE DO NOT POST LOGS IN THE MS NEWSGROUPS. - another
tutorial - Click on the HijackThis forum. Read the announcement and
the stickies *first*.

Elephant Boy Computers
Don't Panic!

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