Re: How to disable Open File - Security Warning dialog box in Windows Vista?

Thanks for the explanation, I kind of figured that it was to protect the user's system, but I still would like to know how to disable this security feature in Vista. Does anyone know? Thanks.

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Dear Windows Vista Community,

Every time I want to open a .url file using the customized Links menu on the deskbar (channel bar), I get a dialog box with a security
warning message "Do you want to open this file?"

Yeah, that's to make sure the user really meant to ask the
OS to take an action. Kind of like a gun that asks you if
you really want to fire a bullet after you pull the trigger.

It's a safety feature.

How do I disable this security warning dialog box from popping up?

Why would you want to? Just to rid yourself of a minor

I am confident my Avast! virus definitions will detect and intercept any
virus or spyware attached to any url before the file is opened, so I really
don't need this feature, it is annoying.

Relying on AV in this way is doomed to failure. AV and other anti
programs are meant to supplement good computing practices, not
as a substitute for them.

Thanks for any help you can provide as to Vista security settings!

Sorry I'm not being helpful, but I hope in some small way this does
indeed help - though not the way you might have expected.


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