Re: security problem

Is there a bar at the top of the browser that says something
like 'a pop-up was blocked - click here to allow' where you
can then set it to always allow pop-ups on that domain?

Did you recently upgrade your Internet Explorer?

"K Hazen" <khazen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:D49FF38E-3A31-450F-99FF-F8D664EFCE14@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Thanks for the quick answer, I really appreciate any help I can get on this matter as I am perplexed. When I get frustrated I keep saying to myself "computers are our friends computers are our friends.... :-) :-)

Anyway, The site,, is not a gambling or game site, I can go there and watch the race and hear the drivers. I know it is a security issue, but I just can't figure it out. The help desk at advise using Firefox. I just can't see changing my browser for one site, because as I stated before it did work last season. I have not installed any new security or virus software since then. I am not familair with Firefox, does anyone have any opinions on Firefox?


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Have you tried:
TIPS: Control Panel - Problem Reports and Solutions / Check For
Solutions .....

*Since product Customer Care indicates no Update needed in Vista
compatibility, then the product is apparently up to date.
*Your security software may be blocking a hazardeous situation or
potential one. Have you installed new security software -firewall,
antivirus, antispyware ? Check allow settings if you trust this site.
Online gaming can be dangerous or anything asking you to turn off
security softwares to use it. Many times it is asked to turn off
antivirus and the firewall to use the site. Don't do it. I wouldn't.
Safer to play video poker at the bar. Never place anything but Windows
Updates in Safe Zone settings in today's crimeware enviroment and
website hackings - even legitimate businesses. Case in point not to
long ago at Miami Superbowl gaming site hacked with password stealers
and other financial accounts doing the ID Theft nine yards.

gerald philly pa usa

On Jun 12, 10:27 am, "K Hazen" <kha...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I am using Vista Home Premium, and Internet Explorer, my computer is a HP
notebook and about a year old. I am a subscriber to "Raceview".
Last season I used it on my machine just fine. This season however the pop
up page or screen won't work. it is a blank white page with the small X in
the corner. I have corresponded quite a few times with their tech help desk
and they gave me a few tips to try, like, installing new java, deleting
cookies and adding to safe list and still no luck. On the bottom
of the page is the little eye with a red line going through it. When I
click on that it gives me two things that are blocked. I clicked on them and
clicked "allow" but they are still blocked. I went into my blocked sites
and they are not there. I am assuming it's a security issue, can anyone
help? Like I mentioned I did use it last season, so it is something new. I
would appreciate any help.