Re: Protected Mode and Signed ActiveX Plugins

Mark;591241 Wrote:
I will assume the ActiveX installation troubleshooting on page 78-82
help either.
Which would have led you here:
'Per-user Installations (Windows)'
Pay special attention to finding Vista folder paths.

Additionally, ActiveX needs to use Brokered Services for elevated
'MSDN Enhanced Search'
(I don't know which of these really apply, but there is a generic
related to your problem.)

Or, possibly:
In Vista, with UAC enabled, IE will refuse to run any code not packaged
the CAB file.
If the hook statement contains a parameter with path, you need to put
double quotes around the EXE.
For example:

run="""%EXTRACT_DIR%\PrepareInstall.exe""" %OBJECT_DIR%
(This will work in XP and 2000 also.)

<shalayka@xxxxxx> wrote in message
Hi Mark,

Thank you for this document.

Neither the Visual Studio 2008 automatic manifest insertion via Linker
options, nor a manually inserted manifest resource causes a UAC popup
to occur (as hoped). I have tried the three obvious parameters:
asInvoker, highestAvailable, requireAdministrator.

- Shawn

On Jan 30, 7:20 am, "Mark" <jmhonz...@xxxxxx> wrote:

I want to thank Shawn for this helpful info! - highlighted in red.
This small change allows my cab file to run on Vista with the UAC on.
Question - what does simply addding some quotes in the .inf file do?

Thanks again :)