Re: Windows Defender??????

Stonebow Witham;739317 Wrote:
Can someone please tell me how to activate Windows Defender?

I have tried all the assistance listed in this group and still cannot
Defender to work!

One piece of advice was to log on to the C prompt as system
I tried to right click on the prompt but there is nothing on the drop
menu that allows me to do this. I would appreciate a step by step guide
(for IT illiterate people) as to how this is done.

Thank you.
Let's start with the most standard method :
Click the Start button, the circular icon, bottom left.
Right panel, click Control Panel.
Left panel, click Classic View.
Scroll all the way down until you find the Windows Defender icon, Right
click on the icon, click OPEN
Top, click Tools
Click Options, now just checkmark neccessary boxes.
It should look something like this : (click screenshot link to view )

'ImageGrotto: Free Image and Screenshot Hosting'

Please let me know if it's turned on now.