RE: antivirus install problems

Thanks Mick,
That's what I was afraid of. They came out with a patch for Win2k and XP,
but I don't think they support that program anymore.

"Mick Murphy" wrote:

Check at CA's site to see if that Program is compatible with Vista.
I doubt it it would be.
Anti-virus companies have had to write new programs that are Vista compatible.
Mick Murphy - Qld - Australia

"Ed" wrote:

We are running an old CA program for our antivirus here at school. It is
called inoculateIT. It has performed well for us, so we've never upgraded to
their newer offerings. To install it, you use a remote install program
located on the domain controller. I just bought the first Vista computer to
try out here and upon trying to install this program, it cannot find the
path. When this happened with XP, it was because the Windows firewall was
turned on. I have turned it off in Vista and disabled the firewall service,
but still get the same message. It shows up in the list of computers in the
remote install program's browser just like it does in the active directory
list. I just believe it has something to do with the security in Vista that
is blocking it.

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