Re: only creators can delete

On Tue, 19 Jan 2010 08:57:08 +0100, nico wrote:


we want to know how to configure a shared folder so that only the creators
of a file can delete it.

all teachers put there exam in a folder named "exam"
childish as they are, they delete files from colleagues.....

is it possible the can create in the folder "exam" as much as they want, but
only administrators and the creator can edit or delete that file
and if possible only creators and admins can read the file's?

tx for any help.


I think it could be done with share/NTFS permissions combination ...
Check out these two links and see if it helps:

I think you could give share permissions for all users to Full control, and
then restrict the access to the files via NTFS permissions by setting up
special permissions and give only the creators the right to delete files