Re: Windows Server 2003 PKI CA certificate renewal problem

On Tue, 17 Nov 2009 23:14:04 -0800, devin wrote:

My Windows Server 2003 Enterprise CA needs to renew its certificate. When I
klick on "Renew CA Certificate" it states that the CAmust be offline to do
this - no problem ==> Next.
Then I get a question if a want to renew the keypair and Yes I want to do
Then nothing happens... the CA service starts again and no .req file is

The step when you choose if you want to use a online CA or use offline
request does not appear.

FYI...the account that I use is member of Enterprise Admins.


More information is needed here. Can you please describe your
infrastructure in a little more detail?

Paul Adare
MVP - Identity Lifecycle Manager

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