Re: not allowed to open file


Add the server to the trusted sites in IE options and try again.

One of the servers with the ZIP file is even a DC, why the heck isn't it trusted by default.
What must I do to make sure all my servers in the AD are seen as trusted by all machines in the AD?
I am not going the route of adding individual servers on individual machines to IE settings.


This even happens when I'm logged on to a Windows 2003 R2 SP2 server
as "Administrator" of the
On a file server is a ZIP file. When I try to open this ZIP file I
get: "Your currect security
settings do not allow this action".
If I simply copy the file from the fileserver to the desktop and open
it there is no problem. So
whatever security this is, it is a stupid kind of security as it
prevents nothing.
What kind of security setting could this be in a Windows Active
Directory environment? Which

settings prohibits opening a file from a fileserver in the domain?

Please don't tell me it is that stupid IE security stuff or if it is
how I can disable this once and

for all for all computers in my domain.

Bonno Bloksma