Re: IAS for Wireless Authentication

When is authentication happening?
At Startup the computer will authenticate. It makes no difference who logs on afterwards.
At Logon the user will authenticate. it makes no difference what the computer is.

"SynEngium" <SynEngium@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message news:D82050D8-A871-4D81-8686-5259ADEFB859@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I have setup an IAS server for wireless authentication with these policies:

1) NAS-Port-Type matches "Wireless - Other OR Wireless - IEEE 802.11"
2) Windows-Group matches "domain\Domain Users;domain\Domain Computers"


but i have 2 problems:

1 - a computer who is part of the domain but logged on with a local computer
account can still connect to the wireless network.
2 - a computer who is not on the domain can't connect even when providing
the right domain credentials (which also gives me the problem of trying to
connect a windows mobile device since it's not part of the domain)

can someone please tell me what am i doing wrong?

thank you


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