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This might be not the proper place to post this inquiry. But, as there
those beautiful and experienced MVP's around, I hope they can attend this
I have been in IT field for the past 5 years, mainly in networking.
I have been working with DCs, ISA, Exchange and Citrix. I could say that
have a fair background of networking.
Now, assuming that there is an academic degree for network security from
Microsoft perspective, what would the courses of that degree be? I mean,
books should I master to master Microsoft network security?

You might find a degree program related to computing science that
specialized in networking, but I am not sure if there is one that would
specialize further into network security. I doubt that you would find one
that focussed on the security implications of networking with Microsoft
products. I don't know of a network that includes only Microsoft components.
If there was such a thing, I would hope that its security was not based on
expertise in only Microsoft products, as attacks may come from non-MS



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