Re: File move within NTFS partition

"Ken" <raidken@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Al, from your post I understand that a file move from \\Computter
\hereshare to \\Computer\thereshare will not cause a copy and delete,
but a move between d:\here to \\Computer\thereshare will cause a
physical copy and delete. Is that right?

No. As I understand it, both moves would cause a copy and delete. The
computer from which the move is being done has no way to know whether or not
the two shares "hereshare" and "thereshare" are on the same volume. As I
said, the source and destination folders must have a common root, but
perhaps I should have defined that a little better, i.e.:

The root folder on a drive (mapped or otherwise) is "{driveletter}:\" or,
"C:\". For a UNC, it includes the sharename: "\\server\share".