CRLOverlap Question


Windows 2003 Certificate Services on Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 Enterprise Edition:

I want to publish a new CRL once an hour.
The CRL should be valid for 1 week.

The CRL publication interval is set to 1 hour.
CRLPeriod = Hours
CRLPeriodUnits = 1

The CRLOverlap interval is set to 1 week.
CRLOverlapPeriod = Weeks
CRLOverlapUnits = 1

However, the "CRL Next publish" setting is set to currenttime+CRL publication interval+10min which is ok.
The "CRL next update" setting is set to currenttime+2 hours+20minutes which is not ok.

Are there any restrictions, that a CRLOverlap interval can't be greater that a specific value ?
If yes, is it possible to change that behavior ?

many thanks