Re: Security Config and Analysis issue

"Bryce" <Bryce@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I have member servers that we want to roll out a custom security template
to. We created the template and verified the settings. we can analyze
not all the settings take. the security permissions for the ntfs and
registry strings are not there.
when we re analyze we see a green check mark but when we go to the
(not in the mmc), we still see power users and others that should have

Are you choosing to apply and then replace or apply and then propagate
inheritables ?
Fron the expections your post seems to imply you would need to use the first
of these.

if i try to view the properties of the security items in the mmc, i get an
error message saying "MMC has detected an error in a snap-in. It is
recommended that you shutdown and restart the MMC.
Report error to MS and close
Ingnore and continue
this is server 2003 sp2 and i reviewed kb915797 and even tried the hotfix
but does not install because i have sp2 which is newer than the hotfix
message appears.

I reported that to MS as needing to get fixed when mmc 3 first released,
but to my awareness that functionality remains broken without a fix.

any thoughts or suggestions. i am working in a test lab so if if craps
dont worry about it.