Re: Change Administrator SID

Hello sunilssr,

Is it a domain controller or workgroup server?

Best regards

Meinolf Weber
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I will explain what happened.
One administrator created an account. Deleted the administrator
account and
then renamed that account to administrator. Now the server does not
that user as an administrator possibly because it's SID is not the one
administrator should have.
I need to reset the SID OR recreate the administrator user.

Sunil Sunder Raj

Al Dunbar wrote:

I'm puzzled too. By definition, *the* administrator account is the
one with a particular SID. If an account called "Administrator" has a
different SID, that might be explained by someone having renamed the
Administrator account to something else, and then renaming some other
account (perhaps a guest account) as "Administrator". In some circles
this is considered a best practice in order to try to hide the
identity of the administrator account.

If it is as the OP states that the SID of the admin account has been
changed, I would be concerned that this might interfere with the
stability of the system in some way.


Hello Sunil,

[quoted text clipped - 13 lines]

administrator user. I suppose I need to edit the Sam database. Any
hints ?


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