Re: Is this a security problem?

As my post was on a security question and not a server question, and from
where I'm standing, the newsgroup clearly state's "Security", and my question
was a genuine enquiry, and I have not been "Multi Posting", I was addressing
my question to the helpful people. So thankyou kindly for your response Len,
and M.Y.O.B. weber and foldes.
andy t

"Meinolf Weber" wrote:

Hello andy,

And what is your server question? Please post this one to a Vista NG.

Best regards

Meinolf Weber
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I don't know if this is normal or a security problem? I am using
Vista Home Premium OS, and in the start menu, the icons that show
there are gradually disappearing. It seems like every time I turn on
the PC, less icons are showing.

I have checked my antivirus and spyware, and they are all fine. Is
this a security problem? Or is this normal? If it is, how do I
rectify this and keep all the icons in the start menu stable?