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I probably didn't state it right but professional competence and
*usually* goes a log ways toward developing that trust, along with


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Danny Sanders wrote:
If he is going to be the domain admin, anything you can do to restrict
him he as a domain admin can undo.

The most important thing to consider when hiring a domain admin is
"Can I
trust Him/her".

Hire somebody you can trust.

I definitely have someone very trustworthy and qualified (probably
over qualified) but he is a relative who would be taking the position
as a way out of his current bad situation. The benefits package we
can afford to offer him would put him in the middle of the pack of
this company (11 employees) but his responsibilities would be
significant. I am very concerned about the animosity that might
develop if he becomes knowledgeable of the salaries and benefits of
others, including mine. Is it common practice for domain admins in
large enterprises to have access to information regarding benefits
packages of co-workers & corporate execs?

My guess is that it is not common practice for domain admins to have access
to all information stored on the company's systems. That said, larger
organizations accomplish this by compartmentalizing it through various
methods, One of these is to house their data within applications rather than
as documents on a file server.

Small organizations such as yours typically work on a more casual basis.
While this can work, it likely means that there is a significantly different
level of trust.

But let me ask you this: do the other ten or so employees know everyone's
salary, and will they know what the IT guy is paid? If you trust them with
this information and trust the new guy less, well, that alone would be
enough to sour the relationship.

And, if he is a competent administrator, he might note that some things are
blocked to him. In that situation, I might suspect that the previous
(untrained) administrator had inadvertently messed up the permissions, and
I'd start looking for a fix. Either that, or he would see it as a flag of
untrust and, well, you know where I'm going with that...



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