Re: Mixed environment - encryption.

On Jul 20, 11:59 am, "techjoh...@xxxxxxxxx" <techjoh...@xxxxxxxxx>
Hello, Group:

I'm trying to move an old DOS application (Accpac) from a Netware 4.11
server. I've made the move of the files and created the drive mapping
to the Windows Server, but when I open the application and try to
enter a module, e.g., Order Entry, the password is rejected.

Now, on the Netware 4.11 server this works fine, but running the
application from a Windows share fails by rejecting the password (to
enter the module).

Security is lax, the share is open to Full-Access.

Basically, the user logs into his/her Windows XP session and the
following drive mappings are created:

f: \\server\sys
h: \\server\sys\accpac
j: \\server\sys\accpac\userop\username

Then the user runs a bat file that starts the program, i.e., plus1.
The program starts, but when the user tries to entry a module, e.g.,
Order Entry, the password is denied.

Please help.

Much regards,


Turns out that this program (DOS based application) was missing some
critical files.