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Wow, sign me up!  In fact, let me file the first bug here and now: XP
and Vista are workstations, not servers.

Good point Dave.

sounds like someone fishing for virus testers.

I appreciate your concern about that.

System Executive Integrators is a Florida Corporation. Public info
regarding this company can be found at
-- search for the corporate name or document number P04000074055 for
corporate information.


In the licensing agreement for the Sigma SES software, we have the
following statement.

"LICENSOR GUARANTEES AND WARRANTS that the software product contains
no known and intentionally inserted threat to LICENSEE, including
secret undocumented program access, or backdoors, or keystroke
loggers, or any viruses, or software designed to compromise security
of the LICENSEE, or any other malicious program code. This warranty is
limited to software known to LICENSOR at the time of this agreement,
and is limited ONLY to software obtained directly from LICENSOR and
NOT from any other party."

Before installing the software, feel free to contact the company at
the phone number found on the "Contact" tab of our home page, if you
have any concerns.


The Sigma SES software is a web-based syslog message aggregator,
designed to collect massive numbers of syslog messages from Windows,
Unix, and router platforms. It incorporates correlation functions, an
indexed search engine, ability launch actions in response to messages,
and some graphing tools.

It also includes a Windows Event Log to Syslog Interface, similar to
the EvtSys system provided by Purdue, but incorporating an additional
log file monitor, and the ability to override facilities and
severities. (That portion alone may be reason enough to download and
try the pogram.)

This system is being beta-tested at a variety of sites. I posted here,
thinking there might be some interested parties that would be willing
to try the program in return for a free and permanent license to
execute. Any and all opinions on this are welcome. If you have any
concerns, please contact us.