Re: How can admin not have access to certain shares?

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Through a combination of setting the
correct policy (no access for admins) and then monitoring the systems
so that the policy does not change, you can achieve the desired
compliance level for your systems.

Actually, that does not meet the requirement - the requirement was to
block access by Admins to a share/file/folder/etc...

It can not be done.

Yes, you can provide a log that the violation has happened, but you can
not stop it.

I don't think that you are accurately representing the problem and/or
possible solutions. Given that there are fundamental issues with
keeping an admin from doing anything on his box, this does not mean
that there aren't things you can do to make a system more secure or
more compliant. Doing something is almost always better from both a
security and compliance perspective then doing nothing at all.
Compliance inspections are never binary in either their goals or their
results. Since no system is ever completely protected no company would
ever pass a security audit if the requirement was to provide bullet
proof security.

In summary, adding systems that provide monitoring and policy
enforcement will definitely tend to make an organization more likely
to be found "in compliance" then doing nothing at all.

This is, of course, the view of a system implementor. If there are
compliance folks out there who would like to comment, their
contributions would be welcome.

Dave, I work for many clients, and many of them have to provide SOX or
other compliance proof.

The simple fact is that no matter how you dice it up, if you have domain
admin access you have access to everything and there is no way to change

Yes, logging can show that an admin violated security, but that doesn't
change the specifics - the admin has access to anything they want access
to, period.

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