Domain Function Level Change.

Can someone please tell met the security events and thier numbers associated
with an Active Directory Function level change form 2000 Mixed Mode to
Native mode? And can this happen automatically when adding a domain


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    ... You can't move to Windows 2003 native mode with NT4 BDC's still in the mix. ... > I am faced with a scenario where I want to move a mixed mode 2003/NT4 ...
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    ... Native Mode AD. ... you can then move over the authentication protocol to Kerberos ... look at group policy and search for NTLM. ... mode fresh install without going through Mixed mode to verify. ...
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    ... So, the problem is that you can authenticate with the mixed mode domain, and not with the native mode domain. ... I would check that backup software is in fact *finding* the native mode domain. ... If you can confirm that the backup software is connecting to its agent on the server in the native mode Domain, say by looking and the Event logs, then that would seem to show some sort of a problem in the remote software, presumably the agent running on the server in the native mode Domain. ...
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    ... Native Mode or Mixed Mode has to do with one thing and one thing alone: ... In Mixed Mode the answer is yes. ... Do a search for anything from Danny (I believe Danny Sanders, ...
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    ... Novanet is a remote backup software package that has a server client relationship. ... There are 2 servers in 1 domain, 1 configured in native mode and one configured in mixed mode both windows 2000. ... The NT4 PDC on Domain C can backup successfully with the same username and password to Domain B and to the mixed mode server in Domain A(same one the native mode domain is on) but has authentication failures to the native mode server in Domain A. ...